watch out buzz, here’s DIY Zorg.

watch out buzz, here’s DIY Zorg.
Image by mac morrison
Sandy’s latest DIY toy story lego, after lusting over the catalogue for several days.
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Watch Matthew McConaughey And Idris Elba In The Epic First Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower’

Stephen King let fans know late Tuesday that the first trailer for the Idris Elba-Matthew McConaughey blockbuster based on his novel The Dark Tower was on the way. Elba and McConaughey also teased it on their Twitter feeds. 

Sony dropped the nearly 3-minute preview overnight and it does not disappoint. In fact, to the hardcore King fan—like me, for instance—there are moments in the trailer that feel so perfectly tuned in to the spirit of author’s work that there were definitely some goosebumps by the final moments of the clip. 

The story, for the uninitiated, is about Elba’s Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger. He is traveling Mid-World, which in the novels (and apparently the film) seems to be a version of our world long after some kind of apocalyptic event. 

Roland is hunting the Dark Tower, which acts as a hub binding all time and space. McConaughey is The Man in Black (a.k.a. Randall Flagg in King’s The Stand). He may be a sorcerer and an agent of the Great Old Ones—who could destroy the Tower.  

The gunslinger

There’s always an implied caveat with trailers: They are an art in themselves and can often promise a much better movie than the one viewers actually see in theaters. Here, with Elba in full-on badass mode and McConaughey playing the villain (he may have been the perfect choice for this role) it’s hard to see how it could go wrong.

The Dark Tower also stars Tom Taylor, Abbey Lee, Fran Kranz, and Jackie Earle Haley. It premieres in theaters nationwide on August 4, 2017. 


Watch These Geeky Porn Stars Reveal Their Absolute Favorite Video Games

Riley Reid recently co-hosted the AVN Awards. Congrats!

WoodRockets’ “Ask a Porn Star” series has used their most recent episode to ask a whole bunch of porn stars about their video game habits. 

Whether it’s Riley Reid’s love of Mortal Kombat (and the fatality she dreamed of pulling off IRL) or Cherie DeVille’s affinity for Fallout 3 and Skyrim, we’re impressed by how many hardcore (cough!) gamer girls are in the bunch.

You can check out the YouTube video here above but, if you don’t have six minutes to spare, the highlights range from Piper Perri’s distinction between her favorite PC game (she’s addicted to Sims 4) or her favorite console game (Skyrim) to Jessie Lynne’s fandom of GTA (because you can “do shit you can’t do in real life”) to a whole lot of professed love for the blockbuster Call of Duty series.

The take-away from this video? Be nice to everyone you encounter in video game chats, because they just might be one of the porn stars you jerk it to on the regular. 


Watch Metallica’s Robert Trujillo and his 12-Year-Old Bass Prodigy Son Jam With Korn

Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo’s 12-year-old son Tye has been busy living the life of a rock star on tour as a replacement for Fieldy, Korn’s regular bass player. 

But during a concert in Lima, Peru, Korn fans got to see Tye play alongside his rock god dad during a rendition of the ’90s nu metal outfit’s groove-heavy hit, “Blind.” Watch the full performance above, and check out a close-up shot of Robert and Tye here: 

Robert has been tagging along with the band to watch his kid play in front of tens of thousands of fans during Korn’s South American dates. And according to a recent interview he did with GloboPlay, Tye has put in all the work. 

“It’s a beautiful thing, ’cause he’s still a 12-year-old and he still acts wild and crazy, as a 12-year-old should, but when it comes to music, he’s very focused,” the Metallica bassist told GloboPlay. “And with Korn, it’s funny, because I haven’t shown him anything at all for the Korn stuff — I’ve been too busy and I’ve been out of town a lot — and he’s taking this opportunity very serious.”

Touring with a band as big as Korn has surely made for some of the biggest moments of the young shredder’s life. 

But don’t think that he got the gig just because of his pop’s legend status in the heavy metal world. This kid can seriously play—just watch him rip the bass line of Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.” 

h/t: Loudwire 


Watch College Girls Go Buck Wild in This Jaw-Dropping Lake Havasu Spring Break Video

(Photo: College Weekly/YouTube)

It’s springtime, which means it’s time for allergies, warmer weather, and spring break for colleges around the continental U.S. And spring break, my friends, means hot college chicks wearing skimpy bikinis and getting turnt at the beach. Hell yeah.

In case you’re someone who just wishes they could be 20 again and party with some crazy college girls, you’re in luck. For our viewing pleasure, the lovely people at College Weekly and JusCollege sent two videographers to Lake Havasu, Arizona, for an entire month to document all the wild shit spring breakers do during spring break.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video. It’s just an entire video dedicated to college girls jumping up and down in bikinis. Very wholesome stuff.

To save you some time, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the good stuff starts at 1:50, around the same time as the techno remix version of Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Kind of Life” Yup. 

Good stuff, good stuff. 

In case you want to see more and vicariously relive spring break through YouTube videos, here are some more equally overproduced clips that are sure to terrify the parents of college girls everywhere. Girls Gone Wild, amiright? 

And since we’re already on the topic of college, here are some of the best, most overproduced sorority recruitment videos of all time:

Yeah, college is the best.


Watch Two Dudes Get Into an All-Out Brawl Aboard an Airplane Headed to L.A. From Japan

Two aggravated men got into a rowdy fist fight while waiting for their L.A.-bound flight to depart from Narita, Japan. The original video has been taken down, but you can still watch a version of it above courtesy of TMZ .

The footage doesn’t provide evidence as to why the altercation began, but a female All Nippon Airways flight attendant can be seen desperately trying to diffuse the situation. A baby can also be heard crying in the background, which is totally normal considering they’re on an airplane. 

Curiously, the man in the black shirt throws four or five punches, then suddenly retreats and yells, “Can somebody help me? This guy is crazy!” 

The Twitter user who posted the original video, Corey Hour, claims to have confronted the man in the red shirt. Pretty bold move considering he has tats on his forearm, which means he probably knows jiu jitsu.  

Before exiting the plane, the man reportedly yelled “You think I’m crazy? What about the government!” whatever that means. 

But the most insane part of the story might be Hour’s allegations that the man in the red shirt was actually a hit man. Whether that’s true remains to be seen, but it’s still a terrifying idea. 

And after the camera quit rolling, things only got worse. According to Japan Today, the man in the red shirt, who ANA believes was intoxicated, hit a female passenger after being asked to deboard, and then allegedly tried to choke out an ANA employee.

He eventually was removed from the flight, and was subsequently arrested and charged with assault.

Air travel just isn’t all that appealing these days, is it? 

h/t: Fox News


Watch UFC Brothers Nate and Nick Diaz Tell Anthony Bourdain Why They Eat Vegan To Stay In Fighting Shape

Badass UFC brothers Nate and Nick Diaz may seem like meat-loving monsters, but while dining with Anthony Bourdain on the Season 9 premiere of CNN’s Parts Unknown, the Diazes touted strict vegan diets as their secret weapon to MMA success.

“I was vegan for years… and I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 18 years old,” Nick told Bourdain. “I just did better cutting weight when I was on a vegetarian diet.” 

“I ended up nice and light, and then I’d get stronger. Once [Nate] started fighting pro, he started doing the same type of thing.” 

It’s a far cry from the meals of mac ’n cheese, hot dogs and “ghetto juice” the two ate while growing up on the gritty streets of Stockton, California. 

When Bourdain asked Nate about his go-to L.A. restaurant, the jiu jitsu black belt revealed his love for the vegetarian cuisine at Venice Beach’s Cafe Gratitude. But Bourdain’s favorite spot in the southern California city wasn’t quite as hippie dippie.

“I get off the plane, and I go right to In-N-Out Burger, and the last thing I do while I’m in town is I stop at an In-N-Out Burger,” Bourdain said. “That stuff is like crack for me, I’ve gotta have it.” Yep, that sounds about right.

Of course, the impressively omniverous Bourdain visited a slew of L.A. eateries on his L.A. tour, from street taco stands to awesomely divey cantinas.

Here are some of the best joints featured on the Season 9 premiere, as rounded up by Uproxx. Prepare to salivate:

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Watch This Guy Try To Break Up Fights With Pepsi Just Like Kendall Jenner and Fail Miserably

Everyone knows Pepsi’s widely-ridiculed commercial staring Kendall Jenner didn’t work out well for the soda giant, namely because they pulled it right after it aired and even Saturday Night Live roasted it. 

But one hopeful good Samaritan wasn’t ready to give up on Pepsi’s Utopian pipe dream. 

YouTuber Vito Gesualdi injected himself into the violent Berkeley protests that occurred between the overly excitable demonstrators of the alt-right and far-left on April 15 to see if it was possible to bring diametrically opposed people together with blue cans of soda. 

Shortly after gaining entry to the site, a slugfest between two dudes broke out in Gesualdi’s vicinity. He quickly rushed over with the sugary ailment in an attempt ease the brawlers’ nerves and stop the violence. It didn’t work. 

Then there was a small explosion. A can of Pepsi didn’t stop that, either. 

One masked man appeared to be interested in the fizzy refreshment, until he hurled it into the opposition. 

Gesualdi was able to give out a few cans, one of which went to a violent agitator. 

You can watch the whole 12-minute video below, because it’s definitely more fun than actually being there in the middle of a campus riot: 

But yeah, it’s official, people: Pepsi doesn’t stop protests.

h/t: Barstool Sports 


Watch This Sandwich Shop Cashier’s Extremely Chill Reaction to Being Robbed At Gunpoint

Now this is what we call courage under fire.

Check out this video of a cashier at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Kansas City on Wednesday being super chill while a robber holds a gun to his head and robs him. 

Apparently this numbskull armed robber didn’t notice the security cameras in the shop, and unsurprisingly, he’s already been arrested after the video went viral. 

Watch the clip above, and peep the technique of the cashier giving the robber all the bills as well as the empty register drawer before the guy makes a break for it.

Never underestimate the dead-eyed calm of someone who takes sandwich orders all day.


Watch Guy Fieri Talk Haters, Triple-D and Autographing Hot Pockets While Eating Scorching Chicken Wings

Guy Fieri, the frosted-tipped messiah of All-American comfort food, just hit First We Feast’s “Hot Ones” series to endure one of his toughest gastronomical challenges yet.

The Mayor of Flavortown rounded off hard-hitting questions from host Sean Evans—about his penchant for bowling shirts on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, hanging with Drake, and how he really feels about his food-snob haters (“I really don’t give a shit.”) All the while, he’s chowing down on chicken wings of escalating spiciness. 

In one bit, he recalls the time, as immortalized by Vine, that he threw autographed Hot Pockets to a mob of fans. Just living the dream, NBD.

As the wings rise on the Scoville scale, so does Guy’s candor. Watch his tell-all interview (and see if Guy reaches for the milk) in the video above.

Sadly, doppelganger Katy Perry doesn’t make a cameo.