‘Alien: Covenant’ Director Ridley Scott Believes Humans Will Never Survive an Alien Invasion

Ridley Scott and his creation

Sounds like Ridley Scott, director of the original Alien and forthcoming Alien: Covenant is not very optimistic about humanity’s fate. In fact, the Guardian reports Scott believes that aliens exist, the chances are good we’ll meet them, and it will go badly for us. 

“I believe in superior beings. I think it is certainly likely.” Scott told the Guardian. He noted he’d spoken with a NASA expert regarding the possibility of alien life and the expert said, “Have you ever looked in the sky at night? You mean to tell me we are it?”

Shot from Alien: Covenant

Scott obviously knows how to add interest to interviews regarding his new movie, but he sounds sincere on the subject of real extraterrestrial beings. Experts, he said, “say that there are between 100 and 200 entities that could be having a similar evolution to” humanity. “So,” Scott concludes, “when you see a big thing in the sky, run for it.”

That perspective is a far cry from the warm and fuzzy vision in a film like Steven Spielberg’s E.T. Then again, Scott admitted the fun in his Alien films is scaring the hell out of people. And his films are hits, said Scott, “because people are perverse.” 

The word on Covenant is that it’s a return to the grim and terrifying experience that made Alien such a blockbuster in 1979. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be prophetic.

Alien: Covenant premieres in theaters everywhere on May 19, 2017.

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Navy SEAL Describes How Osama Bin Laden’s ‘Head Split Open and He Dropped’ During Historic Raid in New Book

Robert O’Neill and Osama bin Laden

While Navy SEAL Matt Bissonette’s controversial 2012 book No Easy Day certainly provided a detailed look at the May 2, 2011 raid that took out 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, he wasn’t able to publicly name the special operator who double-tapped the rogue Saudi millionaire’s head. Now that man, Robert O’Neill, is coming out with a book of his own—The Operatorand in it he details the master terrorist’s cowardly end. 

O’Neill, age 41, left the military in 2012 and has since become a popular speaker about notably conservative issues. On that fateful night in 2011 the seasoned combat veteran was part of SEAL Team Six. 

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He writes that the men infiltrating the Abbotabad, Pakistan compound went in knowing there was evidence that they’d found bin Laden’s lair, but according to O’Neill, he knew for sure the target was truly significant after they blew through the first compound gate only to find yet another wall. 

“…[This] is good,” was O’Neill’s reaction, “That’s a fake door. That means he’s in there.” 

As they made it inside, O’Neill writes that it really hit him that they were about to make military history. He puts readers inside his head: “Holy shit, we’re here, that’s Bin Laden’s house. This is so cool. We’re probably not going to live, but this is historic and I’m going to savor this.” 

O’Neill goes on to detail how cleverly the SEALs made their way deep into bin Laden’s inner sanctum with much more stealth and subtlety than you’d expect. 

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O’Neill writes about getting close enough to take out their target, stating that SEAL ” tactics said we should wait for more guys, but we needed to get up there.” 

“And then,” he writes, “I had a thought so clear it was like a voice in my head. I’m tired of worrying about it, let’s just get it over. It wasn’t bravery, it was more like fatigue—I’m fucking done with waiting for it to happen.”

When O’Neill finally knew for sure he was in the sweet spot, even the presence of bin Laden’s youngest wife gave him little pause. The operator aimed over the woman’s shoulder and fired two rounds. 

“Bin Laden’s head split open and he dropped,” writes O’Neill, “I put another bullet in his head. Insurance.”

The Operator is available online and in bookstores now. It sounds like one hell of a read.

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The Internet Is Freaking The Hell Out Over This Creepy Viral Photo


It takes you a moment. At first you think you’re looking at just another selfie of a couple. Every day, people are posting millions of these online. Then you see it. Just over the girl’s right shoulder, in the mirror—the back of the guy’s head, just like normal—and the girl’s evilly grinning twin. 

As the Daily Mail determined upon probing this photo by Twitter user Andy Fuentes, there is an obvious explanation, and it’s right there in the text of Fuentes’s tweet.

It suddenly seems obvious—using Photoshop or some other image manipulation program, Fuentes decided to make a joke based on his girlfriend’s sign, Gemini—the twins. Everybody have a good laugh and pat the guy on the back, right? Nope. Twitter users weren’t having it. 

Seriously though, nothing to be scared of here. But as the Mail noted, we still don’t know what was going on almost exactly a year ago when an Twitter user with the handle @itsthemans posted this selfie, which gets more chilling the longer you look at it.

It’d be easy to ask Mansour, the guy who took the pic, of course. But—his account no longer exists. That’s not creepy at all, right?


Michelle Pfeiffer, Still Sexy As Hell at 59, Was So Scared While Filming ‘Scarface’ She Cried Herself to Sleep

Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface

One of Michelle Pfeiffer’s most memorable roles was her portrayal of Elvira Hancock, girlfriend of Al Pacino’s Tony Montana in Scarface. The now-classic saga of a drug kingpin’s implosion was a breakthrough for Pfeiffer and led directly to her becoming a superstar in the ’80s. In a recent interview with director Darren Aronofsky for Interview Magazine, Pfeiffer revealed that the role took a real toll on her.

While Pfeiffer’s statements mysteriously don’t appear in the digital version of the interview, they’ve been excerpted by several publications, including the New York Daily News.

She told Aronofsky she often cried after shooting and said, “I can tell you that I was terrified. And it was a six-month shoot I think.”

Movie still from Scarface

“Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and I were really the only females,” Pfeiffer continued, “It was a boys’ club.” Pfeiffer went on to say that it was the nature of Tony’s relationship with Elvira for him “to be very dismissive of my character,” and that’s why she “would go to sleep some nights crying.”

It isn’t clear whether Pfeiffer didn’t like the attention these revelations have received and asked them to be taken out of the published interview or if they simply appear in magazine’s print edition. 

She did do a new photoshoot with the magazine, and these pics show that at 58, one of the most beautiful actresses in movie history still has it going on. 

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A new version of Scarface is in production. We’re stoked about it but we know one thing: the actess who takes on Michelle’s role as the woman at Tony’s side will have one hell of a big job to do.

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Jessica Alba Is Turning 36, So Celebrate With Her Hottest Maxim Shots Ever

Former Maxim cover girl and seriously savvy business mogul Jessica Alba celebrated her 36th birthday on April 28. 

We can’t get enough of the gorgeous actress-gone-entrepreneur, so to mark the occasion, here are some of our favorite photos of the smoldering Sin City actress gracing our pages. 

Brains, beauty, and a business—the eco-conscious bath and body products hit Honest Company— valued at a billion dollars. What more could a girl want for her birthday?

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And if you still need more (which of course you do) check out the rest from our photo shoot here

And be sure to watch behind-the-scenes, below.


Exclusive: Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Reveals How to Be a Vodka-Swilling, Burrito-Scarfing Social Media Ninja

With the possible exception of a certain Tweeter-in-Chief, at this moment there is no one on the planet who dominates social media quite like Chrissy Teigen.

Whether she’s sleeping through the Oscars, squeezing into a skintight jumpsuit, or dealing with the repercussions of a Super Bowl nip slip, the 31-year-old supermodel and Lip Sync Battle co-host skillfully spins the situation into often-hilarious (and always sexy) gold.

Just this week, she was caught in a severe rainstorm while accompanying her husband, music icon John Legend, to the Time 100 Gala in New York City. No matter—Chrissy posted an eye-popping Insta pic worthy of any fancy-schmancy fashion magazine.

If you want to know how she does it, gather ‘round and listen up. Maxim had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Chrissy at a cocktail party hosted by Smirnoff vodka, and she’s somehow even more awesome in person than we ever imagined. In a world full of fakes, she’s the real deal.

Your Smirnoff commercials are great, especially that one where you come home from the club, pour yourself some vodka, and totally house a burrito.

It’s very realistic. That was one of the easier ones to do. The one where my mom and I are mixing the cocktails was tough because I’m not a good cocktail mixer, but the burrito one we nailed in like a couple hours.

How many burritos did you have to eat while shooting?

I had one bite of 54 burritos. That’s gotta be like 10 burritos or something.

Were they good burritos at least?

They were. I asked that they be from Cactus Taqueria on Vine in Hollywood. They do this fine steak and rice mixture that’s tossed nicely—not like big, thick slices of steak.

If you’re eating after a night of partying, you don’t want a big piece of steak.

Pretty much. This one you can just put in a bowl with a spoon.

What’s your favorite way to have Smirnoff?

I’m a Smirnoff 21 and soda girl. I like it very simple, with a little splash of lime, not too much acid because I’m an old person.

What was the first booze you drank when you were a kid?

Everclear. I made that mistake. But I actually didn’t have a sip of alcohol in high school—not that you should drink in high school, obviously. But I was not a partier. I waited until I was able to drink responsibly, and then that one drink just really took me over.

I didn’t know anyone over 21 actually drank Everclear.

It was a dare. I never did it again. I can still feel it.

You’re incredible at social media, you truly have a gift. When did you first get online?

I was always a big lover of social media, whether it was message boards or in AOL chatrooms.

Do you remember your AOL screen name?

It was definitely MissChrissy-something-1130—my birthday. I loved advice message boards, I was always interacting with people.

Did you ever pretend to be someone else?

Oh yeah, I think being British was my big thing.

Blimey! One of your greatest social media moments was when you were caught sleeping at the Oscars.

That was very real. Basically what happened is that it’s a very, very early day. And I get ready really early, because I have this hair and makeup team that I really love. And in order to have them, you’ve got to go let them do their big superstars, and you kind of take whatever time you can get. So I get ready very early for it, and I take my mid-day nap, and then there’s the green room, and you don’t really want to sit in the seats because you’re talking to really incredible, beautiful people. By the time you make it to your seat…I was out for a solid eight minutes by the time that had happened.

That’s pretty impressive.

I can sleep anywhere. People thought I was doing it in some kind of protest of Casey Affleck or something, but I really was just sleeping.

You were inadvertently “woke” by being asleep.

Ha, yes! Exactly. Everyone was like, “I love that she did that against Casey.” I’ll take it.

The talking boobs thing was also amazing.

I actually didn’t watch that because I was scared. I didn’t see it.

How do these things come to you?

Honestly, I don’t know. I just think so little of nakedness. I’ve been modeling for such a long time, and it’s a job. You strip down, you put your pants on, you zip it up, you just stand there, other people are dressing you. I remember when I first started, I’d kind of hide behind things. At this point, I just want to be efficient, so I’m like, get naked, put your arms out, let other people put lotion on you, they put your pants on, they zip your pants, and that’s it.

And everyone is professional.

Truly. Everyone thinks photo assistants have the best job in the world, but they just hold the light reflector and stuff.

They’re carrying crap all day. They probably have incredibly sore muscles.

Yes! They’re not getting boners. They’re really working, and it’s just part of the job. It’s more boring than you’d think.

Your ability to use your words to shut down haters also seems like a natural gift.

It can be exhausting sometimes. I always wonder why I do it because it draws attention to them.

You can’t help yourself.

Sometimes they’re asking for it. And I have a need for justice, and I like people to know that there’s somebody else on the other side of the computer, and someone is reading this. More often than not—and this kills me, I hate it so much—they’re like, “Oh my god, I love you! I just wanted a reply.” That is what kills me. The people who actually hate me, I’m kind of more down for that than the people that are just begging for the reply.

They’re thirsty.

Yes! I wish they actually hated me.

Your relationship with your husband John Legend seems so great. Do you have any relationship advice?

I think all the greatness would come from his side. I’m very moody, I’m up-and-down, and I’m very passionate. When I love something, I love it, when I hate it, I hate it. You can always tell what’s on my mind, which I think is really great, because you’ll never be left wondering if I am happy. If you ask where I want to go to dinner, I don’t say, “I don’t know, where do you want to go to dinner?” I have somewhere I want to go and something I want to do. John has always just balanced that really nicely by being so accommodating of every single quirk of my personality. It’s not easy, for sure, and I just got lucky that he balances me so perfectly.

What advice would you give to guys who haven’t been able to find a relationship like you have. Do you think meeting online is a good idea?

Yes, I love that. John and I have been together for so long that I was never a part of that world of meeting people online, but I do love it. We’ve been to a few match.com weddings, and I feel like it’s really great for people to get out there and take that risk. I feel like finding someone at a club, for example, you never really know who’s ready for a serious relationship. And at least on these websites, you know that you’re both looking for something, whether it’s just a hookup or an actual relationship. It’s out there, and you know it.

Any other advice?

I really think people should take more risks—it’s really good to go outside of your comfort zone. John was never the type of guy I wanted, and I never thought I’d be with someone as brilliant and well-spoken and talented as John. I dated, like, club promoters and restauranteurs, and they all had tattoos. Like, one had a gun tattoo on his side. John isn’t exactly the type of guy I was going for when I was younger. I liked surfer dudes and everything.

Even though he’s so cool, he’s got a kind of nerdiness.

Yes. I would say definitely go for the nerds. Honestly, they make you feel like a million bucks, you’re never going to get bored with the conversation. I’m learning something new every single day, and I’m proud of it. I’m proud to have someone that’s able to explain absolutely anything on this planet to me and be excited to explain it to me. That kind of stuff will never ever get old. And my spark of fun, taking him out and making him see this adventurous side of the world, is never going to get old to him, either. I think the opposite thing really works well.

Finally, do you have any tips for taking a great selfie?

I’m not a big selfie person. If anything, I just do those filters on Snapchat. But I’m not a selfie person. I take one million. I’m the worst at it. And the worst part is, when I get around people who can really take a good selfie, I get extra nervous and I look so stupid. Whenever I’m around Kim [Kardashian] or something, I’ll make this face because I’m trying to be too sexy. It’ll be too thin, or too pucker-y, and then I look even crazier than in my normal solo selfies. So no, I’m not the one to ask.

Kim doesn’t have to take a hundred selfies to get it right?

No, she pretty much nails it. She’ll do a couple angles, but she nails it.

She’s even good at the ones in the bathroom where it’s not a sexy background, and you can see like spare rolls of toilet paper.

I’m telling you man, it’s a talent.


Two Comedians Tricked a Morning Show Into Booking Them As ‘Fitness Experts’, Now They’re Getting Sued

A New York-based comedy duo is getting sued by a Wisconsin TV station after they pretended to be fitness experts on a morning news show. 

Joe “Chop” Shopsin and Nicholas “Steele” Stelling, whose real names are Joe Picket and Nick Prueher, appeared on a WEAU Eau Claire’s Hello Wisconsin program to demo a variety of “strongman tricks” viewers could do at home using simple household items. 

Things quickly got uncomfortable, as the exercises were utterly ridiculous. 

They tag-team bicep curled cinder block…

…had a sword fight with racquetball and badminton rackets…

…karate chopped sticks… 

…and stomped on Easter baskets. 

Perhaps the most ridiculous part was this stretch, which Steele explained works, “your delts, your tris, your plaps—all the major chest muscle groups.” 

Gotta work those plaps! 

Anyway, the station’s parent company, Gray television, is reportedly suing them for presenting fake names and bogus bios to get booked on the show, according to Mercury News. 

They “performed ridiculous bits and provided false information to WEAU viewers,” the complaint states.

While they don’t deny that, Preueher told the New York Post that “Gray Television didn’t have a sense of humor about this thing,” and that the station is suing to scare them. 

Prueher and Pickett managed to get “Chop and Steele” booked on seven different morning shows as a clever way of promoting the Found Footage Festival, a touring show in which they provide comedic commentary on strange VHS recordings.

Preuher also told clevescene.com that the prank was meant to make “the point about how easy it is to put forth fake news.” 

Regardless, the TV station isn’t having it. The Huffington Post has further details. 

Attorneys for Gray Television aren’t commenting on the suit, but the complaint alleges the duo infringed on the copyright of the Nov. 29 episode of “Hello Wisconsin,” and is likely to do so again unless the court issues a permanent injunction, according to the Mercury News.

The suit also asks for a judgment against the Found Footage Festival “for any profits or gains attributable to the infringement, along with compensatory and punitive damages, costs and attorneys’ fees incurred in pursuing the action and interest.”

While a simple Google search on WEAU’s part would have saved everyone from this legal headache, one thing is for sure: Hans and Franz must be proud.


What a Beautiful Girl Wants: Jennifer Holland

(Photo: Marc Cartwright)

Like many beautiful Los Angelenos, actress Jennifer Holland came to the City of Angels at a young age for her shot at fame.   

“I suppose my love for performing started at a young age when I was in gymnastics. I got a taste for the instant gratification you get when you perform,” the Chicago native told us. “I ended up pursuing an acting career when I was 16 and moved out to Los Angeles.”

In the years since, the beautiful blonde has landed bit roles on TV shows, including Days of Our Lives and American Horror Story. But her biggest role yet is on Sun Records, the CMT series about the genesis of the titular record label that spawned rock ‘n’ roll legends Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

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“The way I approached my character Becky was completely different since she was a real person in history. It’s been a lovely challenge,” said Jennifer of her character Becky Philips, wife of Sam Philips.

“Becky is very different from me! She is traditional, and straight-laced, religious and hasn’t really figured out who she is yet.”

Need further proof of just how different she is from her TV persona? We recently caught up with Jennifer Holland about her sex and dating preferences, including what catches her eye, her least favorite pick-up lines and her ultimate guilty pleasure. Listen up.

(Photo: Marc Cartwright)

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How can a man catch your attention?
Humor and chemistry, that’s foreplay to me.

What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
“Girl, you ugly. You an ugly duckling. I had to say something to get your attention, cuz I know people tell you how beautiful you are all the time.”

Terrible. How do you let a man know you’re interested?
Usually eye contact and body language. I’m not overtly pursuant.

What turns you on most about a man?
Sorry I’m boring, but I am really turned on by intelligence and wittiness. That’s so freaking attractive to me. And it never gets old or boring.

What is your ideal date?
Dinner followed by witty banter that either leaves me wanting more or leads to sex. Pretty simple. And a movie…I love movies.

What should a man never do on a date?
Put me down or treat service staff with disrespect. There’s nothing less attractive to me.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Food! Savory and sweet, I love it all. I work out just so I can eat food. FML.

We’d never. When do you feel sexiest?
When I’ve been working out and eating well. That’s when I’m most comfortable naked.

Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?
Have sex. What other kind of answer is there for this question?

Good point.

For more of the stunning Jennifer Holland, check out Sun Records on CMT or follow her on Instagram.


Here’s What Men and Women Really Think About Their Partner’s Pubes, Says New Survey

(Photo: Getty)

Hello, everyone. We are gathered here today to talk about something very important, yet something terribly overlooked. We’re going to talk about the importance of grooming one’s pubes.

According to a new survey, the way you take care of your briar patch is very important, and can even potentially end your relationship if you get sloppy with it and let it grow a little too free and wooly.

The brand spankin’ new survey from Cosmopolitan.com collected data from Cosmopolitan’s social media accounts, Esquire’s Twitter, and Ask Men’s Facebook account, and found that 92 percent of people groom their pubic hair. Well, duh. It’s not the ’70s anymore. Obviously most people are well-groomed down there.

(Image: Katie Buckleitner/Cosmopolitan)

As you can see in the graph above, the survey found that there’s a pretty big difference between men and women when it comes to keeping their bush tidy: while 69 percent men prefer to simply trim their pubes and keep things shipshape, the majority of women, meaning 57 percent, go for the Brazilian and get rid of everything on their lady garden for optimum tidiness.

(Image: Katie Buckleitner/Cosmopolitan)

Another thing the survey looked at was whether or not people expected their partners to prune and shear their shrubbery, and found that men definitely expected their partners to be groomed. In fact, 46 percent of men said they prefer their partners to be completely hairless.

Women, on the other hand, said they prefer the dude they’re sleeping with to be nicely manscaped, as opposed to being completely clean shaven. 

(Image: Katie Buckleitner/Cosmopolitan)

Interestingly enough, the survey found that 40 percent of men have asked their partners to change their style of grooming, whereas only 23 percent of women have asked their partner to manscape a little differently. Perhaps to trim a little more around the edges, or something.

(Image: Katie Buckleitner/Cosmopolitan)

Lastly, it was discovered that some people think the way someone’s pubes look is enough to break up with them. 30 percent of men in the survey expressed that they’d consider dumping their girlfriend if he wasn’t too fond of her carpet, relative to only 19 percent of women.

Well, damn. Breaking up with someone just because you don’t like their pubes is pretty gratuitous, but that’s okay. Whatever floats your boat.

And just for the hell of it, here is a graph of reasons why people mow their lawn:

(Image: Katie Buckleitner/Cosmopolitan)

Well, now you know some important stats about pubic hair. Do with it what you will.

H/T: Cosmopolitan


‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Danielle Bregoli Tells Maxim That Dr. Phil Is a ‘Bald-Headed Bitch’

At just 13 years old, Danielle Bregoli’s life changed drastically after the brassy adolescent taunted Dr. Phil’s entire studio audience by entreating them to “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” making her internet infamous overnight.

Generally known as her catchphrase in place of her actual name, “Cash Me Ousside” has spent the six months since seizing every opportunity her newfound fame has presented, including paid party appearancesreality TV deals, and nine million new social media friends. 

She even starred in a rap video, flashing her cash on top of a Rolls-Royce. Fitting, because chances are she’ll be a millionaire by the end of this year.

In an email interview with everyone’s favorite living meme, we got the inside scoop on the now-14-year-old’s high-priced celebrity appearances, the validity of that viral beat-down video, and how she really feels about Dr. Phil.

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What’s it like being a social media star? Are you getting recognized everywhere? 
It’s different. Yeah, I get stopped pretty much everywhere for pictures and whatever. I don’t mind it accept [sic] for when people walk beside me and snap pics without permission. Just ask me.

What’s it like in school?
I’m homeschooled with a private tutor.

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Do you have plans to go back on Dr. Phil ever again? 

Hell no. Ain’t nobody have time for that bald headed bitch. I just saw him on Jimmy Fallon talking all sorts of mess about my mom.

Have you heard from Oprah at all? 
No. I don’t think I’m the Oprah type.

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What’s the craziest offer or appearance request you’ve received based on your newfound fame?
I’ve gotten a couple $ 75K offers for birthday party and bar mitzvah appearances overseas. The timing just didn’t work out with my court stuff.

Have you met any celebrities or famous athletes? Have any tried to DM you? 
Yeah, a few. Not gonna put they names out there like that though.

There’s a viral video floating around in which it appears that you’re getting beat up, but you told TMZ that it’s definitely not you. Can you elaborate on that incident at all? 
I don’t know anything about it cause it wasn’t me.

View the original article to see embedded media.

Do you have any regrets about your appearance on Dr. Phil?
No regrets.

What are your plans for the immediate future? What do you want to do when you’re an adult? 
I’m gonna just keep riding this wave and see what comes of it. 

Is there anything surprising that you want people to know about you that hasn’t been covered in the media yet?
My favorite movie is House of Wax.